The Redwood Forest

There is something wonderful and special about a redwood forest.  And anyone who has been to one knows of what I speak.  For me, this is nature’s cathedral.  On one hand, transcendent, and on the other, totally grounding.  I guess that’s what you could call a true spiritual experience.  To say nothing of just a feast for the eyes. Here are some photos of Prairie Creek Redwood State Park in Humboldt County, California.  I hope you enjoy them.

And a Very Warm Welcome to the visitors from the Humboldt County Visitor’s Bureau website! 

And for those who would like to see what else this great area offers, the Visitor’s Bureau’s website is:  www.redwoods,info.

From “The Wayfarer’s Shoes”:

“….and I came upon a hut made of mud and old wood
And set out to build me a fire…
With none of my passions to trouble my mind
And the light through the trees to admire.”

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